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8 Proven Playbook Bundle to Level Up Your Athletes
BONUS 1: 11 Concepts to Teach Lockdown Defense
$19 FREE

Meticulously crafted defense concepts, arming you with the expertise and finesse to excel in every defensive scenario.

$19 FREE
BONUS 2: How to Bust Any Zone
$19 FREE

This comprehensive online guide delves deep into the strategies and tactics you need to conquer even the most impenetrable zone defenses.

$19 FREE
BONUS 3: ABC's Motion Attack Offense
$59 FREE

Learn to teach techniques that encompass quick cuts, precision passes, and orchestrated chaos that leaves defenders scrambling.

$59 FREE
BONUS 4: Late & Close Game Strategies
$59 FREE

Ultimate playbook to outshine your opponents during nail-biting late-game situations. This comprehensive online guide delves deep into the strategies and tactics you need to secure victory when the game is on the line.

$59 FREE
BONUS 5: The 5 Step Basketball Practice Planning System

Equip yourself with the quintessential toolkit to design and execute impactful basketball practices. This comprehensive online program delves into a proven 5-step methodology, empowering you to craft practices that optimize player growth, team cohesion, and on-court success.

BONUS 6: Fun Basketball Drills
$19 FREE

Break up your practice routine with one of these fun drills that kids love. I asked my youth teams what their favorite fun drills were, and I put them into this drill library.

$19 FREE
BONUS 7: Rebounder's Edge
$19 FREE

Board-Busting Brilliance. Take Your Team's Rebounding Skills to New Heights

$19 FREE
BONUS 8: 4-Out and Motion Offenses
$29 FREE

This comprehensive online guide delves deep into the intricacies of 4-Out and Motion Offenses, empowering you to orchestrate seamless player movement, create scoring opportunities, and outmaneuver any defense.

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Basketball Practice Plans for Youth Players

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Boost Skill Development, Eliminate Stress and Run Better Practices

I’m sharing the exact techniques and frameworks I use to rapidly boost skill development in a short period of time. This 43-page detailed guide will save you hundreds of hours and frustration.

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I ran the first training session tonight with your new plan. Wow what a difference. I actually felt like, for first time, I was really teaching and translating this to playing for the kids. Teach train play is so powerful !! 🔥 Thank you coach Bill!! #legend
Peter Tamas
Peter Tamas
Under 9's Girls
Below is a comparison: Point differential of -94 (before our call). Point differential of +6 (after our call). The adjustments made from our call helped tremendously. Thank you coach!!
Daniel Thurman
Coach Thurman
5th Grade Girls

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Absolutely not! You're never locked into any subscription or long-term contract. You can cancel at any time.

Each practice plan is 60 minutes with plenty of blank time slots to customize and expand the length of each practice. 

Yes, during the season, your players will learn how to effectively run a youth-focused offense.
Each plan comes with written and video tutorials. Additionally, we explain our philosophy and have additional resources you can lean on for help.

We’ve spent significant time putting together a comprehensive plan for a wide range of experience levels. You also have the flexibility to add your own drills to each plan. 

After your first year, if you want to keep using Coaching Youth Hoops, you can continue using it and you will be grandfathered into this $59 discounted rate for as long as you’re a customer. 

Skip 10+ Years of Trial and Error

Take advantage of decades of tweaking and adjusting, mistakes, and thousands of wasted hours.  

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