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Blitz Attack Offense + Funnel Down Defense Total Court Control Bundle

Blitz Attack and Funnel Down Defense Bundle Offer

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This Black Friday, take your team’s performance to the next level with the unbeatable combination of the Blitz Attack Offense and Funnel Down Defense.

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Blitz Attack leverages carefully planned spacing, screening actions and dribble penetration to unlock your players’ scoring potential.

Funnel Down shrinks the court and speeds up offenses to force mistakes and create transition chances.

Together, these proven systems will supercharge your scoring and pressure defense.

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What Is TheBlitz AttackMotion?

1.) Score More Points with High-Percentage Shots

The Blitz Attack puts relentless pressure on the defense by constantly attacking the paint. Through carefully designed motion and screening actions, players can penetrate the triple gaps the offense creates and get high-percentage shots.

As defenders help on dribble penetration, drivers are instructed to use a Peek & Pivot move and kick-out for open 3-pointers or a secondary blitz attack.

With the Blitz Attack, you will learn how to:

  • Implement screening actions that create mismatches and driving lanes
  • Develop a scoring mentality focused on attacking the basket
  • Draw fouls by putting pressure on the rim
  • Move the ball quickly to find open perimeter shooters

The Blitz Attack leads to more layups, free throws, and open 3-pointers – the highest percentage shots in basketball. By focusing on relentless penetration and inside-out play, teams see dramatic increases in scoring.

…And, don’t worry if your team can’t shoot 3’s, you’ll create scoring opportunities with drives and secondary blitz attacks.

I’ll provide the strategic framework, spacing principles, and offensive rules to unleash your team’s full scoring potential.

diagram of the Blitz Attack Offense for youth basketball

The Blitz Attack Offense Creates Triple Gap Driving Lanes

2) Get All Players Involved and Developing

Every player has talent. You just have to find their starting point and help them grow from there. This is one of my favorite player development quotes.

The Blitz Attack provides opportunities for players at all skill levels to contribute. Built-in motion, screening actions, and passing sequences engage all five players on every possession.

Even developing players can execute their roles within the framework of the offense. As they improve, the system expands to take advantage of their growing talent.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Teach appropriate reads and decision-making based on players’ experience levels
  • Keep less-skilled players involved through off-ball movement
  • Challenge advanced players to make aggressive drives while maintaining floor balance
  • Foster an unselfish environment where players make the extra pass

The Blitz Attack develops all your players by putting them in positions to succeed. Players gain confidence and expand their skills through continuous involvement

By balancing the talents of your stars and developing players, you’ll maximize the potential of your entire roster.

3) Teach the Fundamentals of Offensive Basketball

The Blitz Attack goes beyond just set plays – it develops true basketball IQ. Players learn to read the defense and make smart decisions on the fly – you determine the reads you want to teach based on our team’s basketball IQ.

The offense provides a framework through preset patterns and spacing rules. Within this structure, players learn essential offensive skills:

  • How to properly execute screens to create separation
  • When to backcut against overplaying defenders
  • How to attack gaps and make quick reads off the dribble
  • Where to move the ball against shifting defenses

More advanced players will master nuanced counters like:

  • Faking handoffs to misdirect defenders
  • Know the right countermoves based on defensive read
  • Playing through contact on drives to draw fouls

With the Blitz Attack principles, players gain an intuitive feel for exploiting weaknesses in the defense. The system develops all-around scoring instincts, court vision, and basketball IQ.

I’ll show you exactly how to teach and layer these fundamental concepts at the youth level. Your players will learn to think and play offensive basketball at a higher level.

4.) Counter Any Defense with Built-In Adjustments - yes, even zone defenses!

The Blitz Attack is designed to succeed against any defense – man, zone, press, and hybrid schemes. It provides simple counters for different defensive strategies.

Against man defense, use screening actions to create mismatches and driving lanes. Implement misdirection with handoffs and backcuts to prevent overplaying.

Against zones, continue to emphasize screens and handoffs, perimeter player movement, and exploit the zone’s gaps with the dribble. 

Within the framework of the Blitz Attack, you’ll have effective adjustments for any defense:

  • Built-in zones offenses to attack 2-3, 1-3-1, 1-2-2, etc.
  • Quick counters to beat full-court pressure
  • Ways to prevent overplaying and deny switching actions

The continuous screening and motion also disrupts the defense by forcing constant communication and rotations. This leads to defensive breakdowns you can exploit.

Be prepared to pick apart any defense using the same base framework. 

Blitz Attack Offense for Youth Basketball vs 2-3 Zone Defense
Blitz Attack Offense for Youth Basketball vs 2-3 Zone Defense

Blitz Attack Offense creates a natural overload vs zones. The example on the left is a 2-3 zone, and the example on the right is a 1-3-1. 

5.) Adapt the Offense to Your Team's Strengths

The Blitz Attack is designed to maximize your team’s strengths, regardless of roster makeup. It can be simplified or expanded to fit your players’ skill sets.

If you have a talented ball handler, utilize more pick and rolls, isolation drives, and penetration actions. For strong shooters, emphasize inside-out play with kick-outs to open perimeter players.

The offense seamlessly adjusts between seasons as your roster changes. Some years, you may focus more on aggressive dribble penetration. In other years, motion and cutting actions may be more effective with less experienced ball handlers.

You’ll be able to:

  • Modify the offense to fit your personnel each season
  • Expand the system as players improve throughout the year
  • Tailor strategies based on your team’s offensive strengths

With the Blitz Attack framework, you can optimize your offense around your players’ abilities year after year. It can be adapted to work with rec to AAU teams.

  • Run it uptempo! (That’s what I like)
  • Sloooow it Down
  • Take advantage of your size advantage and use more pick and rolls.
  • Boost the number of 3pt attempts.

Attack and Disrupt Both Ends of the Court

If you want to develop your players into complete two-way competitors by installing a simplified yet aggressive offense and disruptive pressure defense, this Black Friday package provides proven systems to dominate both ends of the floor.

6) Develop Skilled Players with an Emphasis on Fundamentals

The Blitz Attack builds better all-around players by focusing practice time on core offensive skills. We call these are daily vitamins.

  • Attacking the rim off the dribble with different finishing moves
  • Learning how to read the defense and make quick scoring decisions
  • Moving the ball quickly to find and hit open teammates
  • Mastering perimeter shooting, 3-pointers, and interior finishing
  • Learning to cut, screen, and get open without the ball
  • Executing handoffs and making reads off screens

The constant motion also creates rebounding opportunities. Crashing the offensive boards with four players leads to critical extra possessions and second-chance points.

Over time, the offense ingrains strong habits. Players expand their scoring arsenal and basketball IQ every season within the system.

Rather than just running plays, the Blitz Attack develops versatile, well-rounded offensive players. Your team’s skills will grow exponentially through focused work on the fundamentals.

Coaching Youth Hoops daily vitamins - Nash Move
Coaching Youth Hoops Nash Move 2 - daily vitamins

The Nash series are deceptive, change-of-direction dribble moves that allow the ball handler to suddenly change direction and blow by the defender.

7) Develop High Basketball IQ and Decision-Making

The Blitz Attack goes beyond just running plays – it teaches players to read the floor and make smart decisions.

Within the framework, players get endless reps against varying defenses and situations. Over time, they develop sharp instincts for exploiting weaknesses in the defense.

You’ll teach players to:

  • Make quick reads coming off screens
  • Attack gaps in the defense off the dribble or with passes
  • Move the ball quickly to stay one step ahead of rotations
  • Capitalize on mismatches created through motion

With the built-in counters, your players will learn to adjust on the fly and solve any defensive scheme. Their basketball IQ and decision-making will grow exponentially through the Blitz Attack system.

Rather than scripted robots, you’ll develop intelligent, creative players with an intuitive feel for the game.

8) Unlock Dual Domination - Hidden Defensive Edge from the Blitz Attack

A hidden benefit of implementing the Blitz Attack is improved defense. By facing this offense in practice, your players will learn to defend high-level concepts:

  • Aggressive dribble penetration
  • Handoffs with misdirection
  • Constant off-ball screening actions
  • Sharp cuts and motion sequences
  • Quick counters that challenge their positioning

The variety of looks your defense sees will push them significantly. Your players will be battle-tested and prepared to shut down opposing offenses after competing against the Blitz Attack.

As your roster gains offensive skills through this system, their defensive skills will also rapidly improve. Facing such a dynamic offense daily strengthens your entire team on both ends.

Implementing the Blitz Attack not only unlocks your offensive potential but also elevates your defensive play simultaneously.

9) A Complete and Integrated System

The Blitz Attack is not just a collection of plays – it is a comprehensive offensive system. All components are strategically interconnected for versatility.

Sets that are designed for sideline and baseline out-of-bounds can flow right into the halfcourt offense. The press break quickly advances the ball into your standard motion sequences.

You’ll be able to:

  • Use pieces of the Blitz Attack to counter specific situations
  • Implement the offense in all phases – halfcourt, out-of-bounds, vs press
  • Teach your players to blend different actions together

This integration allows for endless adjustments. Your players will learn to apply components of the Blitz Attack in creative ways beyond just standard halfcourt sets.

With practice, your team will seamlessly combine actions to exploit any defense. The Blitz Attack provides a complete offensive blueprint.

Screen Shot 2023 11 09 at 12.24.33 PM
Coaching Youth Hoops Blitz Attack Inbounds - 4-Low

The Blitz Attack inbound plays flow right back into the offense if an initial score isn’t made. Left Side is SLOB – Banana Blitz and Right is the BLOB – 4-Low

10) Players Love the Freedom and Fast-Paced Play

The Blitz Attack is an exciting, fast-paced offense that keeps all players engaged and having fun. Rather than scripted playcalling, it promotes flow, creativity, and smart decisions.

Players love the freedom to attack, drive, and play instinctively within the framework. The constant motion allows teammates to play together at all skill levels.

By blending structure with freedom, the Blitz Attack keeps players active, motivated, and enjoying practice. They take pride in mastering offensive skills and concepts.

This fun and inclusive environment builds depth and retains players from season to season. As the roster grows, competition increases, accelerating development across the program.

Success and excitement around the Blitz Attack become self-perpetuating. The offense instills a love for the game while transforming players into skilled contributors.

Build a powerhouse program around this fast, free-flowing system that keeps basketball fun and enjoyable for all.

Blitz Attack Youth Motion Offense Basketball

Ideal for . Coaches

Ideal forGrade School to High School Teams

If you’re limited with practice time and have a wide range of talent on your team, this is a simple youth motion offense that is easy to teach and quick to learn.

The most flexible and adaptable motion offense

Includes Step-by-Step Instructions

Blending TheMost EffectiveOffensive Principles

The Blitz Attack fuses the best aspects of proven offensive systems into one cohesive framework specifically geared for learning players. 

It incorporates:

  • Motion principles – screening, cutting, and constant movement away from the ball
  • Dribble-drive concepts – aggressive attacks to the rim to collapse the defense
  • Continuity offense – flow, spacing, and quick ball movement

This offense can be played at any tempo you want. Speed it up by pushing the ball off defensive rebounds. Slow it down when protecting a lead or for young developing players.

The Blitz Attack keeps all five players engaged with defined roles. Rather than stationary spectators, everyone works together to create driving lanes through strategic movement and screening actions.

By combining the most effective offensive tactics, the Blitz Attack creates endless scoring opportunities tailored to your team’s strengths and pace.

DesignedTo OvercomeYouth Basketball Challenges

Level Up Summer 2023

I designed the Blitz Attack to solve common problems I faced coaching youth teams:

  • Stalled offense due to complex motion sets (especially off-ball)
  • Inexperienced players with low basketball IQ
  • No consistent outside shooting threats
  • Minimal practice time to implement multiple systems (separate zone offense, multiple press breaks, etc)

The offense seamlessly combines continuity principles, motion, and dribble-drive tactics into one cohesive framework.

The Blitz Attack provides:

  • Clear roles and assignments for ALL 5 players – on ball and weak sides
  • Ability to control pace of play –  fast or slow as needed
  • Quick to learn foundation that can be grasped in one practice
  • Built-in strategies to beat zone defenses, switching screens and presses

By fusing the best elements of proven offenses, the Blitz Attack streamlines implementation and scoring for developing youth players.

A TrulyUnique and ProgressiveOffensive System

The Blitz Attack stands out from traditional offenses being run today. It is a highly innovative system grounded in sound fundamental basketball principles.

This one-of-a-kind offense is specifically designed to accelerate development for youth players through a simplified framework. At the same time, it has advanced screening, motion, and penetration concepts that challenge high basketball IQ teams.

I explain every detail of the Blitz Attack in simple, straightforward terms that are easy for players to digest as well as coaches. The offense can be adjusted for different experience and talent levels.

Blending proven tactics with cutting-edge actions, the Blitz Attack provides a truly unique offensive blueprint. It will unlock your players’ full scoring potential, whether they are just learning the game or executing at an elite level.

Beat Scoring DroughtsWithout Needing Extra Plays

Every coach dreads offensive droughts where nothing seems to work, and you can’t buy a basket. Your offense stalls out possession after possession.

I designed the Blitz Attack to solve this problem and avoid stagnant “stall-outs.” The motion and continuity of the offense naturally create endless scoring chances without running set plays.

If the offense does become stagnant, simply call “Reverse” to flip the floor and transition into fresh attacks from new angles. This change of pace re-energizes your offense and keeps the defense guessing.

The Blitz Attack’s built-in counters allow you to inject creativity without over-complicating things for your players. The offense is inherently difficult to defend due to constant motion, screening, and dribble penetration.

Beat frustrating scoring droughts through the Blitz Attack’s seamless scoring sequences. Your offense will never stall out again.

What Is TheFunnel DownDefense?

Funnel Down uses something most basketball courts feature and many coaches dismiss: the volleyball lines. This defense focuses on shrinking the court for opposing offenses by pushes ball handlers outside of that key stretch of the floor. Funnel Down tries to prevent offenses from effectively using 60 percent of the court. Instead, it forces them to the perimeter, operating on just 40 percent of the floor.

Shrink the Court, Shrink Their Options

Funnel Down Defense Main Alley
Funnel Down Defense Shrink the Floor

Forcing players to the perimeter, attempts to keep the ball on one side of the floor. It speeds up opposing offenses to the point where they become mistake-prone. It also shrinks the usable floor space for the offense.

Disrupt Offensive Flow and Force Errors

Funnel Down is purposefully built to get opposing offenses out of their normal rhythm and flow, resulting in turnovers, and bad or rushed shots. When deployed in games that feature a shot clock, the effectiveness of this strategy is further amplified because the offense must spend time getting out of the trap zones.

Three Key Concepts of theFunnel Down Defense

Funnel Down Defense trapping scenarios

The design of this defense borrows its terminology from bowling. The task of the defense remains to “funnel” the ball along the “gutter” of the court to the baseline, where a trap awaits in the “strike zone.”

  1. Pin the ball on the sideline
  2. Funnel the ball to the baseline
  3. Trap and Rotate in the short corner

Funnel Down seeks to keep the ball out of the “alley,” which is the main stretch of center court inside the volleyball lines. The traps occur in “strike zones” positioned at the short corners.

Ideally, defenders pressure the ball into the gutters, avoiding the centering pass. This is called a “pin.” This tactic overplays the ball handler away from the middle so that the ball can’t be swung. Defenders stay ahead of the ball handlers by sprinting, not sliding, trying to stay half a body width ahead of the dribbler. This discourages penetration and funnels the ball toward the trap areas.

The defender “up the line” covers a man below the ball level on the court. This defender needs to remain between his man and the ball in order to help. The defenders continue to “funnel” the ball along the sideline, encouraging the dribblers to head toward the baseline. Once the ball enters the “strike zone” in the short corner, that triggers a trap and weak side rotation.

Coaching Youth Hoops -Madison Memorial High School Boys Basketball. Blitz Attack Offense

Who Should Consider TheBlitz Attack and Funnel DownBundle?

The Blitz Attack and Funnel Down defense package is ideal for youth or middle school coaches who want to build skilled, competitive teams

Specifically, this bundle is perfect for you if you can relate to any one of these scenarios:

  • You have limited practice time to implement complex sets
  • Your roster has a wide range of talent and basketball experience
  • Most of your players struggle with offensive and defense decision-making
  • Your personnel changes drastically from year to year

The Blitz Attack offense uses carefully planned spacing and screening to create driving lanes that unlock scoring for developing players.

Funnel Down defense simplifies your defensive scheme by dictating the offense’s positioning and forcing turnovers.

Together these systems allow coaches to quickly install an aggressive scoring attack and disruptive defense tailored to their team’s talent level each season.

If you want a complete solution to elevate inexperienced players into skilled competitors, the Blitz Attack and Funnel Down combination provides proven frameworks to dominate games by owning both ends of the floor.

Coaches Are SeeingRapid ImprovementIn Just A Few Practices

Coach Peter used my blueprint and said, “I ran the first training session tonight with your new plan. Wow, what a difference. I actually felt like, for the first time, I was really teaching and translating this to playing for the kids. Teach-train-play is so powerful !! 🔥 Thank you, Coach Bill!! #legend

Coach Fuji added, “Your efforts are really making a difference. The way you’ve influenced my coaching style and how my team’s growing is huge. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

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What's Included In The Blitz Attack and Funnel Down Bundle?

Blitz Attack and Funnel Down Defense Bundle Offer

The bundle includes offense step-by-step instructions, diagrams, video walkthroughs and full-color illustrations.

Picture of Coach Bill

Coach Bill

15 years experience, high school & grade school coach, host of the Coaching Youth Hoops Podcast, and creator of the Blitz Attack.

Picture of Coach Steve

Coach Steve

30 years experience & 3 state titles. high school coach, host of Coaching Youth Hoops Podcast and creator of the Funnel Down Defense.

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