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Master the Youth Coaching Strategies We Learned Over 30+ Years. 150 Minutes of Training!

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Here's What To Expect From This Transformational Coaches Clinic

BEFORE The Clinic

Feeling anxious and unsure how to prepare for the season

Wasting time on drills that don't translate to game improvement

Hoping your players buy into your coaching style and system

Struggling to keep kids engaged and attentive in practice

Feeling guilty about outdated "old-school" coaching methods

All this effort, only for your team to...

Underperform their potential due to ineffective practices. Players getting discouraged and losing their love for the game. Losing winnable games because you can't get them to execute.

AFTER The Clinic

Confidently running pre-planned sessions that maximize productivity

Implementing game-like competitive drills that reinforce skills

Getting full buy-in as players see their improvement week over week

Using a modern, player-focused coaching philosophy backed by science

That's when you eliminate wasted practice time and...

Build confident, gritty players who love to compete. Run crisp team practices where every minute matters. Watch your team's performance transform as they apply what you've taught. Rack up more wins while having fun! This training unlocks a whole new level of coaching mastery. Giving you the structure, strategies and bullet-proof systems to finally maximize your team's abilities.


The Coaching Blueprint Behind 3 State Championships

Discover the same game-changing system we used to transform underdogs into state title winners. In this coaches clinic, you’ll gain:

  • A step-by-step preseason framework to instill your philosophy from day one
  • How to design progressive practice plans that reinforce skills in game-like situations
  • Strategies to build cohesive team offensive and defensive schemes tailored to your personnel
  • How to run a large youth basketball program
Basketball Coaches Clinic - Coaching Youth Hoops

The Coaching Reality

Let’s face it, coaching kids today is more challenging than ever before. Attention spans are shorter, attitudes are harder to manage, and parents have higher expectations. If practices feel like pulling teeth and games are a struggle, you’re not alone.

Are You Stuck in the "Old-School" Coaching Trap? It Could Be Costing You Wins...

Take a hard look at how you’ve been running your program. What’s the traditional, outdated approach costing you?

A Breakdown of the Old-School Coaching Model

Wasted time on 50% drills that look good but don't build habits

An overly intense 30% spent demanding effort instead of earning buy-in

A measly 10% attempting to personalize development for each player

Forced to take a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching skills

And a puny 10% focused on team culture and accountability (the real foundation)

The old-school way ignores the latest science on skill acquisition, motivation, and optimized learning environments. It’s outdated, unengaging, and failing to unlock your players’ true potential. If your practices feel stale and results are stagnant, you could be leaving a boatload of wins, player growth, and program success on the table.

So How Do You Break Free From the Old-School Coaching Trap?

While traditional coaching methods spend 80% of practice on stale drills and lecturing, this clinic flips the script. We’ll dedicate 85% of our time to the science-backed strategies that actually drive learning, motivation and performance.

Our framework centers on cutting-edge techniques to:

  • Build an engaged, accountable team culture from day one
  • Optimize practice plans to reinforce game-specific habits
  • Personalize your coaching to unlock each player’s potential

By structuring your coaching philosophy, practice sessions, and game prep around these proven principles, the outcomes are undeniable:

  • Players stay locked in, giving maximum effort
  • Skills rapidly improve as new techniques “stick”
  • Your system becomes second nature as they repeatedly apply it in real games
  • You cultivate confident, team-first players who hold each other accountable

The best part? Once you learn these methods, over 90% of your coaching time can be spent on high-impact, experiential teaching rather than struggling to manage attitudes and degrading into pointless drills.

This total paradigm shift is exactly what we’ll cover in the 3-hour clinic, setting you up to transform your program’s performance overnight.


Does The Framework Actually Work?

When it comes to building championship-caliber youth basketball programs, Coach Collin has an unparalleled resume:

  • 2x State Coach of the Year
  • USA State Coach of the Year
  • 3 State Championships
  • 4 State Runner-Up Finishes
  • 2 Final Four Appearances
  • 8 Elite Eight Berths
  • 1 Sweet Sixteen Run
  • 2005 & 2011 State Coach of the Year
  • 9 Consecutive State Tournament Appearances (2004-2012)
  • State Record Holder
  • 9x Big Eight & City Coach of the Year


His accolades speak for themselves. But the real proof is in the countless players whose lives he’s impacted through his transformative coaching methods.

When you attend this 3-hour clinic, you’ll get the same blueprint Collin used to:

  • Instill supreme confidence and accountability in his teams
  • Design practice plans that reinforced game habits
  • Implement team-first schemes tailored to his personnel
  • Build positive cultures that overcome adversity


These aren’t gimmicky quick fixes but a comprehensive system for sustainable excellence—one that’s helped underdogs rise up and achieve lasting success at the highest levels.

This Proven Framework Is Adaptable to Any Team, Whether You Are:

Rec League Coaches Looking to Elevate From keeping kids engaged to building healthy competitive habits - learn a philosophy that makes practice time exponentially more productive.

Elite Travel Team Coaches Pursuing The Next Level Gain the structure, systems and strategies to mold your talented roster into a dominant force that competes for championships year after year.

Youth Program Coordinators & Directors Leveling Up coaching across your entire organization through a proven system focused on accountability, skill reinforcement and team culture.

High School Coaches Seeking An Edge Get your players to buy into your system and maximize their preparation by borrowing the same science-backed methodology used by championship programs.

This comprehensive framework is adaptable and scalable to any level of youth basketball – from grassroots to varsity squads. Tailored to fit your unique team’s personnel, strengths and challenges. The core principles apply whether you’re coaching co-ed rec, elite travel, middle school or high school teams. Unlock the blueprint to build cohesive, high-performing units year after year.

What Coaches Are Saying

Great Information
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This podcast gives a wealth of information on coaching youth basketball, especially for first timers like myself. They take a little too long at the beginning of each show to dive into the material. And I wish their shows were longer. But overall, it’s been very helpful to me.
Best youth coaching podcast
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Coach Bill and Coach Steve teach the game better than anyone I’ve ever seen!
Excellent podcast
AK Lefty
Read More
Bill and Steve provide a fun breakdown of common scenarios found in the youth game with real world examples of how to address them. Shows are brief and to the point. I’ve gained quite a few tips from listening.
Great Resource
Read More
This is an amazing resource for youth basketball. Bill and Steve are experienced and practical. They obviously know their stuff and are passionate about helping coaches and players.
Read More
I love this idea of focusing the podcast on Youth Hoops. I appreciate how you guys keep it real with what the focus should be on when they are young. I hope more coaches find your podcast:)
Easily 5 Stars!!
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This podcast is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m a middle school girls basketball coach outside of Shreveport, LA and this is a great resource for me and my team. Subscribed!
"We just won a championship undefeated. Thanks to coaching youth hoops which I listen to every morning before I go to work it’s helped me be a better coach and now I got players wanting to join my team only."
Coach Pat Caruso
Coach Marino
“The videos and step-by-step instructions in the practice plans are incredibly helpful and easy to follow.”
Testimonials 3
Coach Julie
3rd Grade
“I'm so glad I stumbled upon Coaching Youth Hoops and the ready-made practice plans, it's made my coaching so much easier.”
Testimonials 2
Coach Justin
8th Grade


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Meet Your Host & Trainers:

Basketball Coach Steve Collins 1

Steve Collins

Steve Collins is a highly successful basketball coach, having led his teams to three state championships. He also runs one of the best youth basketball programs, where he focuses on player development and creating a supportive environment. Through his coaching and leadership, Collins has instilled in his players the values of hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship.

Untitled design 8

Bill Flitter

As a successful entrepreneur and founder of a thriving basketball training program, Level Up Basketball, Coach Bill brings a unique perspective to the world of coaching. Prior to his career on the court, he made a name for himself in Silicon Valley as a start-up founder. It was through coaching his own children in their rec league that Coach Bill discovered his passion for basketball and mentoring young athletes. Today, he is the proud founder of a basketball training program for girls and oversees the largest 3v3 and 5v5 leagues for grade school to high school girls in Northern California With his diverse background and proven track record of success, Coach Bill is excited to help the next generation of coaches.


Here's What You'll Learn

Hour 1: Building a Winning Team Culture and Accountability System

In this foundational session, you’ll master techniques to:

  • Establish clear player expectations and standards from day one
  • Get complete buy-in to your coaching philosophy and system
  • Implement accountability measures that stick (no more empty promises)
  • Cultivate a positive, hardworking environment centered on constant improvement
  • Promote player leadership and self-policing of culture standards
  • Use emotional intelligence to build trust and lasting connections

After Hour 1, you'll..

Leave with a proven blueprint to shape your team's identity, psychology and habits before the first practice. When team culture is an ingrained strength, teaching skills and strategies becomes exponentially easier.

Hour 2: Designing Modern, Game-Like Practice Plans

Your practice plans could be hurting your team’s performance on game days without you realizing it. In this session, discover:

  • How to maximize productivity and eliminate wasted practice time
  • Structuring a progressive practice cycle to reinforce teachings
  • Creating competitive, game-modeled drills that make skills second nature
  • Techniques to increase focus, effort, and engagement from players
  • Tracking workload and managing reps to prevent burnout or injury
  • Automating your practice planning process for stress-free weeks

After Hour 2, you'll..

Walk away with a library of modern practice plans and coaching methods designed for accelerated learning and habit-building. Never run another disorganized, unproductive practice again.

Hour 3: Game-Day Coaching Secrets to Steal More Wins

The best programs often win simply through superior strategy, adjustments and management of the game environment. Get an inside look at:

  • Proven game-day routines to lock in focus and reset between games
  • How to scout opponents and craft a winning game plan
  • Making key half-time adjustments that swing momentum
  • Strategies to dictate pace, control tempo and punish mismatches
  • Effective time-out tactics to reinforce keys or switch momentum
  • Techniques to stay composed and make clear-headed decisions
  • Managing late-game situations to close out wins

After Hour 3, you'll..

Leave armed with the big-picture habits, systems and decision-making skills used by championship-level coaches. Gain every possible edge before, during and after the game.

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Get the complete game-changing system straight from the experts! You’ll attend the full in-person training and walk away with comprehensive season-long practice materials coded with our cutting-edge methodology. Everything you need to immediately uplevel your program.

Second Place: IC3 Shooting Machine

Accelerate your team’s skill work with the innovative iC3 Shooting Machine from Dr. Dish. This portable ball-return system allows you to run hyper-efficient shooting stations, logging makes and misses to precisely track progress over time—an incredible tool for boosting offensive potency.
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Dr Dish IC3 Shooting

Third Place: Full Season of Practice Plans

Gain a competitive edge with a full year’s worth of modern, game-like practice plans. These highly-structured sessions reinforce key skills and team concepts via active, competitive drills that make habits stick. Streamline your planning while promoting player buy-in.

$109 Value each
Basketball Practice Plans for Youth Players

+ BONUS FOR ALL ENTRANTS: On-Demand Coaching Education

The Complete Youth Basketball Coaching System includes 5 modules designed to equip you with everything needed to create a high-impact youth basketball program focused on empowering players on and off the court.

The “Basketball Coaches Clinic” All-Access Pass – Over 150 minutes of 24/7 on-demand video training providing practical insight into effectively teaching youth players aged 6-14 of all ability levels.

$80 Value each
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