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Shrink the Court. Shrink Their Options.

...With the Funnel Down Defense

Funnel Down Defense: defense system that dictates pace and generates turnovers.

You’ve seen the power of the Blitz Attack Scoring System on offense – blowing past defenses with aggressive drives and increasing scoring by over 50%.

Now imagine coupling that dangerous offense with a smothering, turnover-forcing defense – the Funnel Down Defense. THE perfect complement to the Blitz Attack System. 

Funnel Down shrinks the court for opposing offenses, preventing them from utilizing more than 60% of the floor. It speeds up offenses to the point they make mistakes and get out of rhythm

This innovative defense was created by Coach Steve Collins. Ever since switching to the Funnel Down Defense, Collin’s teams have made 9 consecutive state appearances and won 3 of them.  Coach Collins is 2x state coach of the year and was inducted in Wisconsin’s coaching Hall of Fame.

Funnel Down is specifically built to fluster offenses and force turnovers through trapping and rotation. After seeing this defense in action, we wanted to create a version specific to youth players in grade 3-8. It is now used by all of Coach Collins feeder teams 


  1. Pin the ball on the sideline
  2. Funnel the ball to the baseline
  3. Trap and Rotate in the short corner


With Blitz Attack generating easy offense through dribble penetration and motion principles and Funnel Down frustrating opponents into mistakes, you’ll have all the tools to dominate games.

Your players will play fast, aggressively, and smart at both ends of the floor.

Add the missing piece and take your team’s performance to the next level with the Funnel Down Defense. This proven defense perfectly complements the Blitz Attack offense to form a complete basketball system designed for championship teams.

Keep riding the Blitz Attack to blowout wins. Then clamp down with Funnel Down Defense to close out games.

Let me show you how implementing this relentless offense and suffocating defense combination can put your team over the top.

What Is TheFunnel DownDefense?

1.) It shrinks the Court by 60%!

Funnel Down uses something most basketball courts feature and many coaches dismiss: the volleyball lines.

This defense focuses on shrinking the court for opposing offenses by pushing ball handlers outside of that key stretch of the floor.

Funnel Down tries to prevent offenses from effectively using 60 percent of the court. Instead, it forces them to the perimeter, operating on just 40 percent of the floor.

This approach attempts to keep the ball on one side of the floor. It speeds up opposing offenses to the point where they become mistake-prone. It also shrinks the usable floor space for the offense.

Screen Shot 2024 01 09 at 3.34.43 PM

The Funnel Down Defense Forces Players to The Gutter Areas

2.) It Keeps the Ball on One Side

Funnel Down is purposefully built to get opposing offenses out of their normal rhythm and flow, resulting in turnovers, and bad or rushed shots. When deployed in games that feature a shot clock, the effectiveness of this strategy is further amplified because the offense must spend time getting out of the trap areas on the court.

Funnel Down Defense trapping scenarios

3.) Force Offenses to Play Right Into Your Traps

The key to executing the lockdown Funnel Down Defense is steering and dictating the offensive player’s movements. You want to funnel the ball carrier towards the baseline and sideline into pre-determined trap zones.

It starts with defenders cutting off the middle of the floor. Get the ball to the sidelines and keep it there. Your players work together to pin offensive players to the “gutter” within 10 feet of the out-of-bounds line.

Apply non-stop ball pressure so offenders have no time to survey the floor and find open teammates.

Next, you funnel players right to the spots you want them – the baseline and behind the backboard. Defenders guard their man at a 40-45 degree angle, with feet staggered, to steer offenders downhill.

The trigger springs the trap once the ball is dribbled baseline into the “strike zone” box. Crush the dribbler instantly from two sides before they step out. Rotation defenders take away all kicks to the perimeter offensive players.

Run this disruptive defense and control every possession. Funnel impatient ball pounders downhill and force low-percentage shots. Turn mistakes into transition offense.

Funnel Down Defense Trap Trigger Zone

The trigger to “Strike” is as soon as the wing (3) first dribbles.

4.) It Uses the Sidelines as an Extra Defender

By pinning offensive players close to the sideline, the Funnel Down Defense essentially turns the out-of-bounds line into another defender. Dribblers get stuck with no room to drive or pass.

5.) It's Designed Specifically to Speed Up Offenses

The Funnel Down Defense applies constant pressure to speed up opposing offenses. This often leads to rushed decisions, poor shots, and live-ball turnovers.

6.) It Takes Away an Offense's Preferred Actions

By dictating where the ball goes, the Funnel Down Defense limits what an offense wants to do. It frustrates teams who rely on ball movement, screening actions, and cutters.

Funnel Down Defense Funnel Baseline

7.) It Generates Turnovers and Transition Chances

With offenders pressured into small areas, the Funnel Down Defense aims to trap ball-handlers and force steals and mistakes. This produces transition scoring opportunities.

8.) It's Easy to Teach

With just 3 key principles to learn, the Funnel Down Defense is simpler to teach than traditional man or zone defenses. Players understand their roles quickly.

9.) It Throws Off Opponent's Preparations

The uniqueness of the Funnel Down Defense means opponents likely haven’t prepared for it. Opposing coaches must spend extra practice time adjusting their offenses against it.

10) It Works Against Any Athletic Team

You don’t need the most athletic roster to run the Funnel Down Defense effectively. Any team with pressure defenders can trap and rotate using smart positioning.

Ideal for . Coaches

If you’re limited with practice time and have a wide range of talent on your team, this is a simple defense that is easy to teach and quick to learn.

Includes Step-by-Step Instructions

CreateTurnover HavocWith The Funnel Down Defense!

Unleash chaos by trapping ball handlers, guiding them into double teams, and closing down passing options. With relentless pressure, disrupt offenses, steal the ball, and ignite fast-break opportunities.

Easily AdoptableTo A Range Of Skillsets

Level Up Summer 2023

Embrace success effortlessly with the Funnel Down Defense. No need for elite athleticism—just committed players applying ball pressure. Pin offenses to the sidelines, funnel baseline and trap the short corner for effective, team-driven lockdowns.

Instant Impact:Install In Just A Few Practices

Immediately transform your team’s defense with simple principles. Instinctual movement, strategic rotations, and trigger-focused drills make it easy to learn—surprise opponents who won’t have time to prep for this unique and effective defensive strategy.

Versatile DefenseAgainst Any OffensiveSet

Works against motion offenses, screens, or isolations. The Funnel Down Defense remains steadfast, with consistent rules regardless of the offensive alignment. Front cutters, switches, and vigilant defense stop opponents, making it effective against any offensive scheme.

Contain Speedy Ball HandlersWith Precision!

Turn the sidelines into an extra defender and direct dribblers baseline consistently. Equip your players with skills to anticipate and recover, master closeout fundamentals, and strategically contain speedy ball handlers. No more gambling for steals—just solid defensive strategies.

Limit Outside Shootingand 3-Point Attempts

Turn the sidelines into an extra defender and direct dribblers baseline consistently. Equip your players with skills to anticipate and recover, master closeout fundamentals, and strategically contain speedy ball handlers. No more gambling for steals—just solid defensive strategies.

Who Should Consider TheFunnel Down Defense?

The Funnel Down Defense is tailor-made for any youth basketball coach seeking to disrupt opposing offenses, outpace their opponents, and consistently win games.

This defense is especially ideal for coaches facing the following scenarios:

  • Limited Practice Time: If you find yourself with restricted practice hours, the Funnel Down Defense provides an efficient and effective solution without the need for complex sets.

  • Diverse Talent Levels: Whether your roster boasts a wide range of talent and basketball experience, the Funnel Down Defense is designed for easy adoption, ensuring success with players of varying skill levels.

  • Defense Decision-Making Struggles: If your team struggles with defense decision-making, this defense is the answer. There are very precise rules to follow and a clear place on the court you want to force the offense. This helps with young player’s decision making.

With its ability to completely disrupt opposing offenses, accelerate the pace of the game, and limit outside shooting, the Funnel Down Defense is perfect for coaches seeking turnovers, transition scoring chances, and constant pressure that opponents find challenging to counter.

Moreover, it enables coaches to take opposing players out of their game, spark game-changing runs, and apply disruptive defense regardless of the team’s athleticism. By keeping games close and putting pressure on opponents, this defense ensures a unique advantage that catches opponents off guard.

Whether you’re looking to build a defensive foundation with smart defenders or gain a strategic edge opponents are unprepared for, the Funnel Down Defense is your key to unlocking success in youth basketball.

Coaches Are SeeingRapid ImprovementIn Just A Few Practices

Coach Sarah from Denver, Colorado – 6th grade 

The Funnel Down Defense turned our defense into a force to be reckoned with! Teams struggle to find openings, and we’ve seen a surge in steals and fast-break points. A game-changer for sure!

Coach Mike from Austin, Texas – 9th grade

“I was reluctant to implement the Funnel Down Defense but it paid off! 🏀 Our players bought into it immediately. We now control the pace and frustrate opponents every game.”

Coach Alex from Orlando, Florida – 7th grade

🔒 Funnel Down made lockdown defense a reality! We’ve limited top scorers and turned close games into decisive wins. A must-have strategy in any coach’s playbook.”

Coach Jessica from Seattle, Washington – 5th grade 

“Simple to teach, effective against any offense. We’ve become the team others fear facing!”

Coach Emily from Phoenix, Arizona – 6th grade 

“Funnel Down Defense turned our defensive struggles into triumphs! 🌟 It’s simple to teach, and our players now thrive on the chaos it creates for opponents. A coaching win!”

Coach Lisa from Portland, Oregon – 5th grade 

“The Funnel Down Defense gave our youth squad a competitive edge! It adapts seamlessly to our roster, and the disruptive pressure has opponents second-guessing every move.”

Coach Chris from Chicago, Illinois – 5th grade

“Funnel Down Defense is a game-changer! We’ve seen a significant drop in opponent scoring. Our team is now feared in our league.”

Coach David from Raleigh, North Carolina – 8th grade

“The Funnel Down Defense is a hidden gem! 💎 Immediate impact on turnovers and transition play. My players love the aggressive style it brings.”

Coach Juan from Miami, Florida – 7th grade

“Our youth team is making waves with the Funnel Down Defense! Opponents are caught off guard. An absolute gem for any youth coach!”

Coach Kevin from Atlanta, Georgia – 4th grade

“The videos made teaching the Funnel Down Defense easy! ⚡ It didn’t take long for players to pick up the rules. We’re still learning, but I feel like it’s gives us a strategic advantage.”

What's Included In The Funnel Down Defense?

Create Chaos on Defense with the Funnel Down Defense

The youth motion offense includes simple, step-by-step instructions, diagrams and full-color illustrations.


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