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Tired of Watching Other Teams Run All Over You?

Run and Jump Press

As a youth coach, I’ve struggled with teams breaking our press and getting easy transition baskets. It’s frustrating when you work hard on defense but can’t dictate tempo or get turnovers.

But a good full court press solves this in three key ways:

  • It increases the number of possessions. More possessions mean more shot attempts and more scoring chances for your team. This allows less talented teams to compete.
  • It forces turnovers by applying relentless pressure. Turnovers lead to transition offense and easy baskets. A good press turns defense into offense.
  • It wears down opponents. Full-court pressure is exhausting to play against for a full game. This pressures teams into mistakes and rushed decisions late in games.

The Run and Jump Press maximizes these benefits. It turns undersized teams into potent defensive squads. Your players’ effort and hustle can make up for any size disadvantage.

This press disrupts opponents and creates transition offense through turnovers and rebounds. Keep reading to learn how the Run and Jump can transform your team!

The Run and Jump Press is the ultimate strategy for coaches who want to maximize their team's abilities. It turns defense into offense by creating turnovers and easy scoring opportunities.

Why the Run and Jump Press is Perfect for Youth Teams

The Run and Jump Press is the ideal solution for youth teams looking to maximize their defensive abilities. 

  • It turns your defense into offense by forcing turnovers and creating easy scoring chances in transition.

  • Undersized teams can compete through heart, hustle and smarts. Players improve conditioning while having fun pressing. 

  • The Run and Jump disrupts opponents with constant pressure and is easy to teach. Any youth coach can implement this game-changing system!

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The Complete Run and Jump Blueprint

This comprehensive playbook leaves nothing out – you get the full plan for unleashing the Run and Jump Press. It covers all aspects in detail:

With definitions, diagrams and descriptions of all tactics and concepts, you will have all the information needed to teach the Run and Jump Press fast!
Run & Jump Press Playbook

Fast Track Your Team's Success with Breakdown Drills

This playbook makes learning the Run and Jump Press easy with 65+ detailed breakdown drills. With these proven teaching progressions, you can quickly implement the Run and Jump Press and see results immediately! Drills cover:
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Free Bonus Training Videos

Want to take your team’s skills to the next level? Get access to two game-changing training videos when you grab the Run and Jump Press playbook today.

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Best youth coaching podcast
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Coach Bill and Coach Steve teach the game better than anyone I’ve ever seen!
Excellent podcast
AK Lefty
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Bill and Steve provide a fun breakdown of common scenarios found in the youth game with real world examples of how to address them. Shows are brief and to the point. I’ve gained quite a few tips from listening.
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This is an amazing resource for youth basketball. Bill and Steve are experienced and practical. They obviously know their stuff and are passionate about helping coaches and players.
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I love this idea of focusing the podcast on Youth Hoops. I appreciate how you guys keep it real with what the focus should be on when they are young. I hope more coaches find your podcast:)
Easily 5 Stars!!
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This podcast is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m a middle school girls basketball coach outside of Shreveport, LA and this is a great resource for me and my team. Subscribed!

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