280+ Questions To Guide Your Season Planning in 90 Minutes or Less

Elevate your youth basketball coaching with our comprehensive season planning cheat sheet. In just 90 minutes, you’ll explore 280+ essential coaching questions that guide you through everything from tryout evaluations to practice planning and game strategies, ensuring you’re the most prepared coach on the court this season.

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Follow a structured season planning process to ensure you have every aspect covered in just 90 minutes

Regularly consult the cheat sheet to stay organized and ensure you're asking the right questions for every aspect of your season planning

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basketball coaching tips season planning cheat sheet pdf download

Join 1,000+ coaches who have already streamlined their season planning

Over 1,000 coaches have fast-tracked their season planning using out basketball checklist. The checklist consists of 280+ questions to guide your season preparation.

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What's Holding You Back?

Let’s face it, planning a successful youth basketball season is  challenging. With so many options to consider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, waste time, and miss crucial details. If you find yourself struggling to organize a comprehensive plan for your team, you’re not alone!

Unsure of Where to Start: Feeling lost and uncertain about which tasks to prioritize for effective season planning?

Lack of Organization: Struggling to keep track of all the necessary details and tasks, leading to disorganized preparation?

Missing Key Details: Concerned about overlooking critical aspects of season planning that could impact team performance?

basketball coaching tips season planning cheat sheet pdf download

Plan Like a Pro:

Your All-Inclusive Season Planning Cheat Sheet

This comprehensive checklist provides 280+ essential questions and considerations to guide you through every aspect of planning your youth basketball season. It’s designed to ensure you don’t overlook any crucial elements as you prepare for a successful year with your team. It’s designed to enhance your coaching from pre-season to post-season.

Each section guides you to uncover your own strategies and helps you to get organized.

  • Pre-Season Preparation Questions
  • Practice Planning Considerations
  • Game-Day Organization Checklist
  • Skill Development Guides
  • Parent Communication Planning
  • Team Building Brainstorming
  • Season Review Guidelines
  • And more…

What Coaches Are Saying

Great Information
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This podcast gives a wealth of information on coaching youth basketball, especially for first timers like myself. They take a little too long at the beginning of each show to dive into the material. And I wish their shows were longer. But overall, it’s been very helpful to me.
Best youth coaching podcast
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Coach Bill and Coach Steve teach the game better than anyone I’ve ever seen!
Excellent podcast
AK Lefty
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Bill and Steve provide a fun breakdown of common scenarios found in the youth game with real world examples of how to address them. Shows are brief and to the point. I’ve gained quite a few tips from listening.
Great Resource
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This is an amazing resource for youth basketball. Bill and Steve are experienced and practical. They obviously know their stuff and are passionate about helping coaches and players.
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I love this idea of focusing the podcast on Youth Hoops. I appreciate how you guys keep it real with what the focus should be on when they are young. I hope more coaches find your podcast:)
Easily 5 Stars!!
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This podcast is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m a middle school girls basketball coach outside of Shreveport, LA and this is a great resource for me and my team. Subscribed!
We just won a championship undefeated. Thanks to coaching youth hoops which I listen to every morning before I go to work it’s helped me be a better coach and now I got players wanting to join my team only.
Coach Pat Caruso
Coach Marino
“The videos and step-by-step instructions in the practice plans are incredibly helpful and easy to follow.”
Testimonials 3
Coach Julie
3rd Grade
“I'm so glad I stumbled upon Coaching Youth Hoops and the ready-made practice plans, it's made my coaching so much easier.”
Testimonials 2
Coach Justin
8th Grade

Meet Your Trainers

Basketball Coach Steve Collins 1

Steve Collins

Steve Collins is a highly successful basketball coach, having led his teams to three state championships. He also runs one of the best youth basketball programs, where he focuses on player development and creating a supportive environment. Through his coaching and leadership, Collins has instilled in his players the values of hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship.

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Bill Flitter

As a successful entrepreneur and founder of a thriving basketball training program, Level Up Basketball, Coach Bill brings a unique perspective to the world of coaching. Prior to his career on the court, he made a name for himself in Silicon Valley as a start-up founder. It was through coaching his own children in their rec league that Coach Bill discovered his passion for basketball and mentoring young athletes.

Today, he is the proud founder of a basketball training program for girls and oversees the largest 3v3 and 5v5 leagues for grade school to high school girls in Northern California With his diverse background and proven track record of success, Coach Bill is excited to help the next generation of coaches.

INCLUDES: Tryout Evaluation Forms

Learn from our over 30 years of experience running effective basketball tryouts!

basketball tryout evaluation forms

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