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Have You Ever
Felt Out-Coached?

I have. My defining (humbling) moment...

The opening tipoff went our way. My point guard drove hard to the basket for a quick two points. We were fired up and ready to compete.

But then it happened. Their coach started calling plays we never practiced for. Picks, screens, misdirection plays – their offense was perfectly executed. And their full court press was smothering our guards.

I tried to adjust but nothing was working. My players looked to me with doubt in their eyes. I could feel the game slipping away along with our championship dreams. We just didn’t have an answer.

Their coach had clearly out-prepared me. As the final buzzer sounded on our 15-point loss, I walked over to shake his hand. I had to admit he out-coached me.

In the locker room, I saw the tears and devastation on my players’ faces. I promised them I would learn from this difficult defeat.

I replayed each possession in my mind. How could I have countered their coach’s strategies? What needed to change in our game planning and practices?

The sting of being out-coached was painful. But it fueled my motivation to grow. I owed it to my players to be better. The next time we reached a championship game, I would be ready.

Master the Strategies We Learned Over 30+ Years to Gain An Unfair Advantage

The Complete Youth Basketball Coaching System includes 5 modules designed to equip you with everything needed to create a high-impact youth basketball program focused on empowering players on and off the court.

That championship game loss was a defining moment for me as a coach. I realized I had so much to learn about in-game strategy, adjustments, and leadership.

After 30 years coaching youth basketball, I’ve experienced it all – thrilling last-second wins, tough losses that keep you up at night, and those hard-fought battles that build champion teams.

I created the Unstoppable Coaching Tactics Playbook to share the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained over decades on the sidelines. I don’t want you to feel lost or overwhelmed in pressure situations. I want to equip you with the tools to make the right decisions when it matters most.

This clinic distills my very best insights on everything from running flawless tryouts to crafting winning gameplans to motivating players through crunch time. You’ll learn the one thing that took me years to figure out but makes all the difference. I’ll reveal insider secrets of highly successful coaches for getting the most out of practices and players.

With the complete youth basketball coaching system in these 5 videos, you’ll have the confidence and preparation to out-coach anyone. Let’s do this together – your players need you at your best!

Here's What You'll Learn...

The Unstoppable Coaching Tactics Playbook includes 5 training videos designed to equip you with everything needed to create a high-impact youth basketball team focused on empowering players on and off the court.

Video 1: 5-step Practice Planning BluePrint - $9

Learn the winning ways to create a structured practice plan that doesn't require a lot of time or knowledge of the game.

Video 2: Winning TryOuts

Basketball tryout evaluation forms, including the Player Selection Rubric. Create your dream team.

Video 3: Game Management Strategies

Learn game flow management, proper time outs, bench etiquette, pre and post game routines and more.

Video 5: Create a Winning Season

We'll walk you through the one thing that took us over 30 years to learn that has completely transformed the way we coach

Video 1: 5-step Practice Planning BluePrint - $9

Learn the winning ways to create a structured practice plan that doesn't require a lot of time or knowledge of the game.

Master the Youth Coaching Strategies We Learned Over 30+ Years. 150 Minutes of Training!

With worksheets, templates and step-by-step instruction of tactics and strategies, you will learn everything you need to have a successful basketball season. 

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Coach Steve

30 years experience & 3 state titles. high school coach, host of Coaching Youth Hoops Podcast

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Coach Bill

15 years experience, high school & grade school coach, host Coaching Youth Hoops Podcast,

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Bonus Training Videos

Want to take your team’s skills to the next level? Get access to two game-changing training videos when you grab the Complete Youth Basketball Coaching System today.

BONUS 1: Simplifying Youth Hoops: Strategies for Coaching Basketball with Simplicity and Purpose

Coach Bill and Coach Steve dive deep into the importance of strategy and philosophy in coaching basketball. They stress the significance of understanding your team’s strengths and weaknesses and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

Play Video about How to Teach Basketball To Youth Players

BONUS 2: How to Teach Decision Making Two Youth Basketball Players

Learn techniques to teach kids decision making from mastering catch and drive skills to developing lightning-fast releases. This video is packed with invaluable tips on training young athletes to make effective decisions on the court.

Play Video about How to Teach Decision Making To Youth Basketball Players

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Great Information
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This podcast gives a wealth of information on coaching youth basketball, especially for first timers like myself. They take a little too long at the beginning of each show to dive into the material. And I wish their shows were longer. But overall, it’s been very helpful to me.
Best youth coaching podcast
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Coach Bill and Coach Steve teach the game better than anyone I’ve ever seen!
Excellent podcast
AK Lefty
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Bill and Steve provide a fun breakdown of common scenarios found in the youth game with real world examples of how to address them. Shows are brief and to the point. I’ve gained quite a few tips from listening.
Great Resource
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This is an amazing resource for youth basketball. Bill and Steve are experienced and practical. They obviously know their stuff and are passionate about helping coaches and players.
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I love this idea of focusing the podcast on Youth Hoops. I appreciate how you guys keep it real with what the focus should be on when they are young. I hope more coaches find your podcast:)
Easily 5 Stars!!
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This podcast is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m a middle school girls basketball coach outside of Shreveport, LA and this is a great resource for me and my team. Subscribed!
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